Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Out and About Without in Australia

Australia is thoroughly enjoying the gluten free foodie revolution and you will be very spoilt if you live here or travel here. You will be taken care of wherever you find yourself having coffee with either a gf biscuit or cake, and there are a lot of cafes which also provide a good selection of gf savoury treats and gorgeous dressings for salads.

Below are the places that I have found good enough to make the blog.

Muffin Break
As much as I hate shopping centre food malls, I was delighted to find a gluten free sweet muffin. You will find a Muffin Break in most shopping centres and the day I discovered this, I ate a scrummy raspberry flavoured muffin. I have heard a recent whisper that Muffin Break has just started baking a savoury gf muffin too.

Gloria Jeans
Gloria Jeans have hit the high streets of cities and towns across Australia just as Starbucks have in the UK. Gloria Jeans do a lovely coffee, they always have soya milk, and do an individually wrapped gf white choc chip cookie, and a lemon muffin. Don't have their chai tea latte as this is made using a powder which has wheat and gluten. Ask to see the ingredients of their soya milk too.

The Coffee Bean House
Two locations - Gardentown Shopping Centre, Margaret Street Toowoomba and The Ridge Shopping Centre, Hume Street, Toowoomba.

The Coffee Bean House is really getting a grip with providing a good range of gluten free food for their customers. They do a range of savoury food, and the day I visited I had the gluten free tuna salad with seeded mustard dressing. I then had a lemon drizzle polenta slice with my coffee. Again, they rotate their gluten free sweets, so if you visit Toowoomba regularly, make sure you stop by as much as possible to try everything. They are making a real effort with their menu.