Sunday, 7 October 2007

Out and About Without in England

Costa Coffee - Everywhere
I am bursting with excitement after my little find today. Costa Coffee does a fab soya latte and .... wait for it... a delicious Gluten Free Raspberry Shortcake with flaked almonds on top with the taste of almond essence.

The biscuit is light and sweet and tastes great. No longer the wall flower without, Costa, we praise you for giving us something quite divine.

Starbucks - Everywhere
Love it or hate it, Starbucks, the liquid McDonalds has given those of us without a rather tasty sandwich. The trick though is finding a Starbucks that stocks these hard to find treats. According to one manager at my local SB, there isn't enough demand, so they won't get them in. I have made a personal request and so far, so good. BUT while I praise this conglomorate, there is no variety as they are always egg mayonaise with tomato. If you can get your hands on them, do try.

You are in for a treat at the moment as Starbucks is doing a Belgian Chocolate cake - WF GF and vegetarian.

Starbucks also do nut bars - cranberry and yogurt, mango and pistachio. Amongst their list of ingredients is milk solids, so beware if you have a dairy allergy or intollerance.

Cafe Nero

According to the Cafe Nero web site, they take their coffee making very seriously. The coffee is good, and they do a tasty soya latte. I found Cafe Nero in Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire, a tiny town which is home to the pork pie. Check their web site to find a location.

Cafe Nero do an organic double chocolate fudge brownie individually wrapped and the ingredients clearly written on the packaging. The brownie is light and very sweet. I ate half with my soya latte and kept the other half for later in the day when I had done all my running around to ensure that the calories had fallen off. I have included the link back to Cafe Nero's web site for you to see the nutritional information for this product.

Cafe Nero claim to make the best coffee this side of Milan.