Thursday, 25 October 2007

The Great Bakery Run

Remember when we could eat freshly baked bread and rolls which would melt in your mouth piled with a load of butter, cream buns with jam, pies of all shapes and sizes, and other baked goodies...full of wheat and gluten. Oh how this soon becomes a distant memory.

My penchant for delicious GF and WF goodies leads me on a bakery run through Somerset in the UK to the Italian Lakes, and further. Here are the best of the breads.

15 Cheap Street, Frome BA11 1BN
Tel: +44 (0)1373 455456

Traditional bakery featuring ‘Old Fashioned, English Baking’. Home-cooked items, Salad Bar and Hot/Cold Takeaway available. Somerset Country Wines, and local Preserves.

You will love the staff as they are friendly and know their products. I was even able to have a good chat with one of the bakers about ingredients and preparation and also advice on a little recipe idea that I have.

South Philadelphia and Millville, NJ - The United States of America

"Catering exclusively to the Coeliac community".

105 High St., Northcote, Vic Australia 3070Ph: (03) 9482 3999

Silly Yak Foods is Australia's highest quality manufacturer of fresh gluten and wheat free foods. "We manufacture bakery products, includingbreads and bread products, biscuits, savoury pastry (pies & rolls),sweet pastry (tarts, slices, cakes, etc.), potato gnocchi, pizza bases,etc. We manufacture and pack in a 100% gluten and wheat free environment and add no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives to our products".

Silly Yaks' products are available from health food stores and independent supermarkets all around Australia, with growing penetration into the food service and cafe markets. As well as manufacturing and distributing our range of super premium bakery goods we operate the Silly Yaks Cafe.

The cafe does breakfast and lunch six days a week (the cafe is closed on Tuesdays). It is a full cafe menu with a wide variety of choices as well as weekly breakfast and lunch specials. They also retail their entire range of fresh gluten free products from the store.

"Our staff understand the dietary issues of those dealing with Coeliac Disease as well as a number of other allergies. We offer menu alternatives for vegetarians, vegans, dairy-intolerant and those with fructose malabsorption allergies. We are also able to cope with more complex problems such as nightshade allergies, multiple food intolerances and intolerances to particular preservatives or chemicals".