Thursday, 25 October 2007

England, Brighton's Indian Summer

Indian Summer
69 East Street , Brighton , East Sussex, England

Brighton is one of Britains most vibrant seaside towns. With it's restaurants, well publicised night life and trendy and chic bars, many a novel and article has featured a piece of Brighton. It is the perfect summer holiday with brightly painted beach huts at half a million pounds to buy which dot the seafront like carnival flags.

It is said that if you love life, you will love Brighton. Welcome to the pleasure dome.

I'm not a fan of Indian food. Mr Smith says that it is because I am ordering the wrong thing on the menu. Everything just seems to taste and look the same to me. I am open to rediscovering Indian and will persist. A friend specialises in Indian cooking and has been sharing some secrets about what goes with what and how to use various spices to get the right taste.

Here is a sample of the Indian Summer menu. Head to Brighton and put this on your list of things to do.

Peshawari Lamb (gluten free)
Succulent lamb shoulder in a north Indian mughlai marinade infused with spices.Served with potato & turnip sambharo

Mullayami Murgh (dairy & gluten gluten free)
Tender chicken breast in a ground spice marinade and infused with poppy seeds & melon seeds.Served with aloo mash & beetroot, mango & apple thoran

Tangdi Calicut (gluten & dairy free)
Juicy boneless thighs of chicken in coconut, tamarind & ground masala sauce.

Has this made your taste buds water or what? This restaurant has come by way of a recommendation from a friend who has adopted Indian Summer as their gourmet treat of the week.