Friday, 16 November 2007

The Naked truth behind the Juice

Jacky accepts the Business Award for Naked Juice

A good chef never reveals their secret ingredient, but what you will always taste is their passion. This is said for Jacky and Jess Mott who own and run Naked Juice in Byron Bay which sits on the beautiful northern beaches of New South Wales in Australia.

Recently their passion was recognised amongst the business community when Naked Juice won a North Coast Business Award. Jacky reveals the naked truth behind her award winning cafe. It is the passion for bare essentials which has made Naked Juice such a success.

"Our original idea was for a funky juice bar, however as the planning stage started to take place, new ideas came to fruition and we decided to add organic espresso coffee, and of course our signature range of gluten-free products.

I had dabbled with 'gluten intolerances' some 15 years previous, when our naturopath suggested we try and follow a gluten free diet. Back in the early 90's, this was pretty much unheard of.

Supermarkets did not stock any gluten free items. If you were lucky, your healthfood shop had some rice flour or rice pasta. That was it! So, I set about inventing new gluten free recipes. Of course, they had to taste good too, as my husband Jess is a pretty fussy eater. I created enough recipes to change our whole diet and make it enjoyable to eat gluten-free.

Anyway, Naked Juice seemed the perfect place to test run my recipes to the public, as I feel for those who are limited to what they can eat. May I add, with huge success. People who are gluten intolerant are amazed at the extensive range Naked Juice has on offer, and this is very satisfying to me. Hopefully, we can spread our wings and offer our services in other places around Australia.

It is very, very rewarding when a gluten intolerant customer finds our Byron store and has the chance to 'explore' our tasty dishes. It is also very rewarding when I manage to create a new dish that tastes just as good, dare I say 'better', than it's wheat counterpart! Being a typical chef, I am always experimenting".

Make your way to Naked Juice
14 Bay Street
Byron Bay, New South Wales, 2481
T: (02) 6685 5549