Friday, 15 February 2008

Don't get caught without

I'm starting to know London like the back of my hand as I'm there each week at the moment, travelling either by car or by train.

Either way, I always pack snacks because I hate being caught out by not being able to find anything that I can eat, either at the services on the motorway or on the train.

I was in my meeting on Thursday and a gorgeous plate of scrummy biscuits were put in front of me. They looked home made and smelt so good. I poured myself a glass of water and focussed my mind on other things. Personally I won't eat in meetings, especially with clients, but I always have a packet of mixed nuts or dried fruit tucked in my handbag for later. If you are in the situation of travelling with work then make space in your stylish bag for a pack of snacks, such as mixed dried fruit and nuts, rice or corn cakes and a small tub of hummous (Sainsbury's in the UK sells small lunch pots of hummous), grapes and chopped apple, or try sushi which is another of my favourites.

If you travel South West Trains the buffet sells Honeybuns Flapjack, but if you are sensitive to oats like I am then this is a no no. They look really delicious, but very oily. Don't forget to read the ingredients on absolutely everything. You don't want to be ill if you are heading to a meeting or out for a day of shopping.

If you are out for a coffee...
I met Mr Smith for a Friday coffee and tucked in my handbag was a Nana's Lemon No Gluten Cookie, and it went down very well with my soya latte. I always ask the staff at a cafe if they have a problem with me eating my own snack and if you are buying a coffee or other drink, there shouldn't be any problem at all - I just think it courteous.

Speaking of dried fruits....

The Southern Alps Story
You can find Southern Alps products at Fresh & Wild as well as at their on line store. Southern Alps uses a process of slow fruit which means they pick their fruit once fully ripe and then dry it very slowly using only mildly warm air. The result is fruit pieces full of colour and full of taste. All products are free of additives and preservatives.

I make a point of hiding the Fresh & Wild receipts from Mr Smith because I always end up spending a fortune in this store. From fashionista Soho to scrummy mummy heaven in Notting Hill and as far west as Bristol, Fresh & Wild holds the reigns on offering organic everything. There is a dedicated free from aisle offering GF pancake mix, rice flour, tapioca flour, gram and corn flour, cereals, spreads, biscuits and more....Set aside some time to mooch through this store and watch your basket get fuller by the minute with new and interesting things to awaken your taste buds. They also have a fish and poultry section, chocolate and cheese counters, and a fabulous café - but getting a seat in amongst all the prams and mother's meetings can take some careful maneouvering.

Dashi Sushi is another of my favourites. Their sushi is made fresh in the Dashi kitchen every day and it is very good value for money. You will find Dashi at Bristol Temple Meads Station and Bath Spa Station. They also do a wheat free porridge, and their coffee and chai tea is organic or fairly traded. It will keep you going until you reach Paddington Station.

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