Friday, 8 February 2008

V Day is Everyday

My husband and I work from home and we get to stare lovingly in each others eyes every day of the week. So when it comes to Valentine's Day Mr Smith believes it is just another commercial cash in by companies to make more money. I agree, but you can have so much fun with it. Each year I do a Valentine's Day dinner and invite friends and relatives and cook for them and set the table with a Valentine's theme...always the party planner. The next job for me today is to plan next Thursday's menu.
With so many delicious and morish gluten free cakes and chocolates on the market, don't just induldge yourself and your loved one on the 14th of February. Everyday is V Day. Here are some delicious things I have found Around the World Without.

Marnie Searchwell's home made dense, sweet, Love Cake - made with organic cashews and spiced with lime, nutmeg, cardamom and a hint of rose - is the perfect treat for your sweet love. A toothsome treat, this scrumptious cake is from Sri Lanka, probably adapted from a 16th-century Portuguese recipe - and is gluten free.

Or if chocolate is your fancy, you can choose a box of divinely moist rich brownies. Made with organic Belgian dark chocolate, and packed with crunchy organic walnuts, they are dark, sweet - and gluten free! Telephone your order through to Marnie Searchwell, UK - 0207735 1444 or or email

GivandTake creator Giovanna Lever has been busy baking up a menu of V Day sweets and treats for your loved one. Giovanna's kitchen is based in Sydney Australia and she will cater for any allergy - just email or telephone your order with your requirements. Read more about GivandTake...

The Dark Chocolate and Almond Torte is Heart Shaped and perfect for two. This decadently rich torte is made on the highest quality 70% chocolate, and is finished with choc-plum icing and toasted almond flakes.

Heart shaped gingerbread cookies will add a little spice into your life with these morish, gingery morsels. Great as is or dipped with coffee or tea.

The Orange and Almond Cake is a Heart Shaped moist cake filled with the goodness of real oranges and almonds. This cake, also available in cup cake size is gluten and dairy free. You can place orders for Valentine's Day up to 10am on Wednesday February 13.

Hotel Chocolat. From lusciously soft champagne raspberry liquors to seductive flavours of liquid chocolate, or little boxes of love beautifully presented. Here you will find unique chocolate gifts for you to share, or to keep to yourself. Surprisingly one of my favouriets is the Chilli and Orange Chocolate Slab. Zesty milk chocolate with essential oil of orange, flirting with the warm spiciness of dark chocolate with a hint of chilli. Finished with tangy pieces of confit d'orange.

Gluten-Free Creations Bakery, Phoenix Arizona has created their own unique bakery goodies just in time for Valentine's Day. From cookies, heart shaped cakes, strawberry jam doughnuts and heart shaped chocolate brownies gorgeously packed in their own pink heart box.

The above are examples of some of the gorgeous Valentine's Day treats to help you enjoy next Thursday. But don't forget that love is unconditional and happens every single day of the year. You don't need to be told to celebrate love. Eat well, live well, love well.

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