Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Welcome to 2008

A very happy and safe new year from Around the World Without.

2008 will see Around The World Without discovering new foodie treats, eats and travel just for you. My notebooks are bursting with things I write down on flights, car trips and in the dead of night - you know those moments that you have when you get a good idea in the middle of the night and know you will forget it the next morning. I have always kept a notebook beside my bed and the scrawl is hilarious. I think I even wrote something in lipstick because I couldn't find a pen one night.

This time around read about our foodie discoveries in the South of France and the Costa Del Sol, some more from Australia and England, and the antics of my gluten free pasta making from My New Kitchen.

The owners of Naked Juice in Australia's Byron Bay have launched its new web site. Be sure to click for a visit.

Travelling to the South of France?
Imagine spending a week in the remote mountains which form part of the French Alps on an olive farm which lies between the medieval villages of Peillon and Peille. The beautiful mountain water was harsh on my hair but fantastic for my skin - or perhaps it was all the fresh food we ate. Read more about Nice and Cannes in GF style...

Out with the egg and in with the tuna at Starbucks UK
Try the new season's Tuna Nicoise wf and gf sandwhich at Starbucks UK (with dolphin friendly tuna). It is still £3.15 to eat in and £2.95 to take away. The taste is okay - at least it isn't a sugary cake!

Even if you didn't get a chance to watch the BBC series of Perfection with Heston Blumenthal, you will certainly enjoy the two books which follow his science of gastronomy across the globe. From Chilli Con Carne to Bolognaise, Heston pulls apart every ingredient and puts it back together for pure food perfection - but if you do embark on one of his recipes, be prepared to give 48 hours of your life to the cause.

We will be sitting at a table of four in March 2008 at Heston's Fat Duck restaurant in Bray, Berkshire, England. I have telephoned ahead and found out that they have wheat free and gluten free menu items.

If one of your new year resolutions is to learn how to cook gluten free or to enhance your skills in the kitchen, book yourself a place for the one day gluten free cookery course at the Ashburton Cookery School in Devon England. Read more about my day at Ashburton...

If you would like any of the recipe details of the food that I adapt from our travels Around the World Without, send me an email to

Silly Yaks is a bakery and cafe based in Melbourne's Northcote in Australia. They also provide a selection of frozen goods such as pumpkin and potato gnocchi, sausages and sausage rolls, pies and other pastries - great for parties. They also have a grocery section selling sauces,chutneys and preserves. Everything is gluten free.

Bryn Pears is the wholesale manager at Silly Yaks and you can read more about this fantastic Melbourne find more

Asda in the UK has an amazing free from section. Sweet biscuits, cakes, crackers, bread, rolls and baguets, mushroom pate made on potato flour (sensational), sauces, spreads, preserves, pasta, Dove flours and, trust me, more.

The photo to the side was taken in their Bristol Cribbs Causeway supermarket, England. They have a really good selection of free from Green's beers...perfectly timed for the party season.

We picked up a few basics to take with us for our trip to the South of France until we could get to Auchan (French supermarket). I packed in my main luggage a loaf of bread, nut bars and rice cakes. I always take a couple of nut bars with me on my flights as there is very rarely anything on board the airlines such as Easyjet.
Click here for a guide to supermarkets Around the World on the blog...

Gluten Free Fish & Chips - England
The last Tuesday of the month, you will find Robinsons Traditional Fish & Chips frying gluten free fish and chips at 5 Hackett Place Hilperton, Trowbridge BA14 7GW. Tel: 01225 751555.